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Azure CDN – Cache busting CSS image references and minification

In my previous post I discussed my AzureCdn.Me nuget package which can be used to add a cache busting query string to your CSS file references.  In this post we look at cache busting image references contained in your CSS … Continue reading

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Automating Visual Studio 2010 builds and deployments with Nant.Builder

Part 2 in my Visual Studio 2010 Turbo series Visual Studio 2010 Workflow Automating Your Builds with Nant.Builder DIY AppHarbor – Deploying Your Builds onto Windows Azure In this post I look at using Nant and my Nant.Builder nuget package … Continue reading

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Visual Studio 2010 Turbo – Workflow

Recently I’ve been attempting to streamline my workflow, to help me Get Things Done :-)  So I thought I’d share some of that work, in a mini-series of blog posts: Visual Studio Workflow Automating Your Builds with Nant.Builder DIY AppHarbor … Continue reading

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Testing with Selenium Webdriver, Visual Studio and NUnit

Update 20/06/12 – Updated NareshScaler to work with the new IEDriverServer that ships with the latest version of Selenium Webdriver We have a multi-tenant solution at work.  As we added tenants we were happy to discover that our app scaled … Continue reading

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The Mythical Version 1.0

As a breed us hackers are perfectionists.  Tinkering away at that algorithm, worrying about the size of that switch statement, wondering about abstracting away some detail.  But always, always with the aim of improving our code base. Many of our … Continue reading

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Agile Manifesto – The First Amendment

Riddle me this: Q – What’s the #1 difference that an agile approach gives you versus old-skool software development methodologies (hint clue’s in the name) A – Quickly or “agilely” getting working code into your end-users hands It’s this answer … Continue reading

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Notes on MVCConf 2

MvcConf is one of the new breed of “virtual” conferences where lazy geeks, of which I am one of their proud number, get to take in a number of presentations from the comfort of their office chair.  The conference is … Continue reading

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