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SQL Azure – Disaster Recovery

In this post I look at how to set up some tooling to help implement a Disaster Recovery plan for your SQL Azure database. Fundamentals The key to any successful DR plan is that it has to be a fire … Continue reading

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Azure CDN – Cache busting CSS image references and minification

In my previous post I discussed my AzureCdn.Me nuget package which can be used to add a cache busting query string to your CSS file references.  In this post we look at cache busting image references contained in your CSS … Continue reading

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Azure CDN – with AzureCdn.Me and MVC3

I’ve been doing a fair bit of work with the Azure CDN recently.  I’ve put together this blog post outlining how to get started and to give an overview of some tooling I’ve written to help you get up and … Continue reading

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Visual Studio Turbo – DIY AppHarbor with Nant.Builder

In the final part of this series I look at automating uploading your app into the Windows Azure Cloud, or as I like to think of it a Do It Yourself AppHarbor, hopefully with no leftover screws ;-).  The series … Continue reading

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Working with SSL certificates on Azure and IIS7

Recently I’ve had cause to set-up a SSL secured site on Windows Azure.  Never having worked with SSL before I thought I’d quickly blog about a few of the gotcha’s I experienced along the way. You are here Before I … Continue reading

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Update – Auto Packaging using CSPack and Azure SDK 1.6

This post is related to two of my previous posts: Automating Azure 1.4 Packaging using MSBuild and CSPack Windows Azure Diagnostics with SDK 1.6 for WebRoles Azure 1.5 ate my diagnostics I had diagnotics working quite happily until SDK 1.5 … Continue reading

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Windows Azure Diagnostics with SDK 1.6 for WebRoles

There appears to be a lot of conflicting and confused advice about configuring Diagnostics on Windows Azure.  The situation is not at all helped by Microsoft’s own site which, to paraphrase Morecambe and Wise, has all the right pieces of … Continue reading

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