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Update – Auto Packaging using CSPack and Azure SDK 1.6

This post is related to two of my previous posts: Automating Azure 1.4 Packaging using MSBuild and CSPack Windows Azure Diagnostics with SDK 1.6 for WebRoles Azure 1.5 ate my diagnostics I had diagnotics working quite happily until SDK 1.5 … Continue reading

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Windows Azure Diagnostics with SDK 1.6 for WebRoles

There appears to be a lot of conflicting and confused advice about configuring Diagnostics on Windows Azure.  The situation is not at all helped by Microsoft’s own site which, to paraphrase Morecambe and Wise, has all the right pieces of … Continue reading

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CRUD – Destroyer of Worlds

As web developers a large part of what we do is CRUD.  The average Service class in my project is at least 50% CRUD methods, and often a lot more. If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably not given much … Continue reading

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SQL Azure – Calculate Table Size

Useful post from Ryan Dunn on calculating table size.  Reprinted below:

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