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Short Iterations – Keeping everyone honest

I was recently planning a series of updates to one of our mobile apps (buy now, fun for all the family).  My inclination was to split the work into 3 updates of around 6-7 weeks in duration, for various reasons – … Continue reading

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Casual Games – Designing for Success

Over the last 12 months our Studio has put out 3 games for Mobile Devices.  We’ve learned a number of hard, sometimes bruising, lessons along the way.  Today I want to talk about what makes Mobile/Casual games different, and some points you should … Continue reading

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F2P – Whales, Addicts and Dirty Secrets

On the 26th of September the OFT published its interim report into Children’s Online Games [pdf].  The consultation paper is well worth reading, and contains a number of commonsense proposals that the industry would be crazy not to adopt.  That … Continue reading

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Introduction to Mobile Advertising

Many in the mobile industry see advertising as a dirty word, something to be avoided, a necessary evil – at best. This view is, perhaps, driven by the fact that the most successful games don’t have advertising – Minecraft, Clash … Continue reading

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Entrepreneurial Spark – Life’s a pitch

This week I completed Entrepreneurial Spark’s  Acceler-8 TM Start-up Bootcamp.  Note the trademark.  The trademark implies a confidence, an unwavering certainty, that the program will be successful, globally recognised and copied.  A useful metaphor then, for Jim Duffy, and the E-Spark’s … Continue reading

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Startups – The Importance of Momentum

I’ve been working in my present job in a mobile games studio for about 6 months.  It’s been pretty intense, but we just shipped our first game.  I produced it, I’ve got my name in the credits, and it got … Continue reading

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HOWTO Install Python3, pip3 & Tornado on Mac

I recently needed to install Python3 on my Mac.  While the bearded Linux masses just seem to know this stuff, or it’s already part of their distro, in Mac-Land by default we’re stuck on Python 2.7.2 and guidance is lacking. … Continue reading

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5 lessons from 3 years at a start-up

Some thoughts in no particular order after 3 years at a start-up Have a plan – sounds obvious but a weakness of agile is that it can give rise to the illusion that there’s a plan.  However, in reality planning is … Continue reading

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SQL Azure – Disaster Recovery

In this post I look at how to set up some tooling to help implement a Disaster Recovery plan for your SQL Azure database. Fundamentals The key to any successful DR plan is that it has to be a fire … Continue reading

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Easy database migrations with C# and FluentMigrator

Database migrations are an increasingly common pattern for managing and automating the creation of your projects database schemas. Typically each migration has 3 elements: A Unique Id – each new migration is given a numeric identifier higher than the previous … Continue reading

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